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How to Write an Article

How to write a good article? This question worries  journalists and professional writers, as well as students who just want to train or simply try something new.

Of course, in order to make your  article interesting and qualitative, you need to disassemble well on the topic you’ve  chosen. In addition, you need to know a number of rules and requirements for writing article.

There are several basic principles, applying which the writing of the article will become a solid pleasure, and the result will be truly high-quality and worth the effort.

  • So, the first principle –

you have to determine who your reader is. They may  be students, businessmen, people interested in sports , healthy food, interesting and active leisure, and so on. Having defined the reader, it will be easier for you to find the right words. Remember that you should catch the attention of your readers from the first sentence!

  • The second is an interesting topic.

Of course, you have already identified your audience and their field of interest. However, your tasks do not end there. You need to concentrate and write the text  to intrigue the reader a little bit. This is not an essay, and here you do not need to briefly and clearly disclose all the information at once. The first task is an interesting, exciting text. And it’s more dependent on your talent. Try it! You can even describe a frying pan with a great and exciting words if you want to! The main thing is your desire.

  • Next – the article should be easy to read.

You do not need to overwrite your text with a lot of terms and definitions – write in your own words, it will be more enjoyable  for your readers. Even professors are tired of scientific overloaded texts. And besides, most of your readers are probably just as ordinary people as you , who wants to read something easy after a hard day. So help them with that. Also, sketch the text gradually. Teach the note in sequence and touch the previous topic or idea for the next – so you will keep the reader’s attention.

Be specific: brilliant essay

In America they love the specifics in writing an essay, so that you give specific examples, do not “pour a lot of water.” You do not need to tell how you want to save the world, help hungry children in Africa, you want everything to be all right. These are very general words, and they are not interested in listening to anyone, and most likely 99% will not listen to it. Your task is to say some general proposal, for example, “I want to conquer the world” and then list specific methods, how will you do it: “I’ll finish the course at your university”; “I’ll take a job in this company”, and so on.

That is, everywhere you write, in the TOEFL essay or in another high school essay – everywhere you need a specific. It’s not interesting for anyone to listen to common words. It’s interesting for everyone to learn an example from your life, how you achieved it, to know your personal qualities, to hear examples of what you are talking about.

Do not write more than the required volume, write in a competent language. Do not necessarily write in academic language, you do not write a dissertation, it’s your letter. But write clearly, without any professional cuts, because sooner a person who will read your essay is not directly related to the area you are studying. This is a person from the administration, who is simply engaged in sifting and receiving students. Therefore, your task is to write clearly.

Essays on a given topic from the university

 Some universities require you to describe an approximate research topic – tell us what you will write about, if you have any experience in this field. For example, you already wrote a thesis on this topic, a similar topic. Or you conducted a study of a particular market – mention it. But do not go into the definitions, the methods that you use. Try to state all briefly. Give the admissions committee to understand that you have a specific goal in the study, that you have a specific plan and that you have some experience. Further it is your professor’s business: what will you write there, what methods to apply and so on. You can mention the research topic, but you do not need to go deeper. And again, if you use some professional terms – it’s better to replace them with less professional ones, so that a simple person would understand. Do not use abbreviations as usual: “Do not”, “Have not”.

Critical analysis book review

The review has a head, neck, body and tail. The head is the name of the text. It should be distinct, catchy and at the same time relevant to the topic of the book. The neck is the so-called lead, two or three dense introductory lines that set the tone and outline the subject of the conversation. The body is the actual text of the review. Tail – conclusions of the reviewer, his resume. Without a tail, the review looks lonely and harsh, do not offend the poor thing!

What should be written in the review? Be sure to indicate authorship, the title of the book, for published works – output data. We write whether this is a novelty or a reprint, whether the book is marked by some significant awards. We denote the genre in form (novel, novel, play …) and in content (fiction, alternative history …). We describe the main storyline (but without spoilers!), List the main characters, places of action, key moments of the book. We try to understand and convey to the readers the main thoughts of the work (not necessarily, but not bad). At work, several approaches can be used: external observation, analysis without evaluation, critical analysis, polemic with the author.

A review of 1800 characters or less is only intended to discuss the book. No thoughts, feelings and philosophies will simply fit in there. Short sentences, a minimum of adjectives and adverbial spins, a clear meaning and unambiguous conclusion.

A review of up to a maximum of 5,400 characters is the ideal format for calm and thorough reasoning about a single work. You can talk about the place of the book in the author’s work, draw parallels, add your impressions and conclusions, analyze in detail the merits and demerits of the text – and at the same time not tire the reader.

A review of more than 5,400 signs is simply obliged not to confine itself to the problems of one book (unless it is, of course, the “Lord of the Rings”). We weave the literary process and tendencies of the genre, we compare it with similar works, we analyze the work of the author in general, we actively quote and add our thoughts – we can’t do without them in the big text.

Select enough time for the preparation of the essay

The Jury members make their decision, first of all, on the basis of what is read in your essay. In our service you can also check the article about the correct structure of high college essay. Thus, how you describe your achievements and advantages is crucial. As experience shows, the qualitative preparation of the essay is not enough one weekend. Carefully read not only the name of the nomination, but also the description, as well as the mandatory questions of the Jury, a list of necessary evidence and facts. Think about what are the main advantages and achievements of your contact center, use only obvious strengths. In addition, keep in mind that it is not enough simply to paint colorfully about your achievements and strengths. If you do not provide clear evidence in the form of real and verifiable figures, graphs, charts, members of the Jury are not required to take your word for it. There is always a temptation to tell the Jury all that you have done in your entire career or even life, especially if it can seem like a fantastic success. But, experience shows, in the end, the Essay turns out to be very chaotic and does not answer the mandatory questions of the Jury or even the description of the nomination. Tell the Jury members only about the most valuable and significant achievements – in this case clearly, briefly and consistently. This may seem complicated, because You answer the mandatory questions of the Jury members, but if you try to tell the story of your success, starting with the sources, assumptions, reasons, moving to implementation, application and ending with the results, the results confirmed in the form of values, facts, diagrams and graphs. This sounds simple, but you will be surprised when you find out how many participants in the nomination program do not understand the questions asked each year, treat them freely or report information in the Essay that is not relevant to the chosen nomination. The simpler, the better. Try to state your arguments, facts and evidence clearly and clearly so that the Jury members are not from your environment could be convinced of your achievements. Involve in preparing essays for employees at various levels in your company. This will help to find the benefits and achievements that are hidden at first glance, and also add ideas and information that should be included in the Essay. In addition, the attracted members of your team will be able to look back and see more clearly the achievements that you have achieved. Maintain your arguments with facts and evidence, as this will help gain the confidence of the Jury members in your Essay. For example, instead of stating: “We have an excellent training program,” it is better to state the idea: “Our new training program contributed to an increase in the level of customer satisfaction by 20%, which is confirmed in this way …”. However, even though statistics are important, remember that customer service is connected with people – so try to mention your team as often as possible, as well as their opinions and testimonies. This seems obvious, but it is difficult to overestimate how important this is. I met members of the Jury who want to disqualify an excellent essay simply because it has 6 pages, instead of the required 5. Remember that neither the Jury nor the organizers are responsible for your violation of the technical requirements for the design of the essay. In some Essays there are a lot of grammatical or gross stylistic errors, it happens that the design does not allow you to read it – because of the small font or bad contrast of the background.

Dissertation writing difficulties

Each type of writing needs you whole if you take it serious. Such work as dissertation cannot be taken unserious anyway, so you’re in the trap, buddy;)

You are to find out the deep meaning of the word “difficulty”, but this article is to take you out of this unpleasant feelings.

Plan your future day. Dissertation is a parallel task to the many processes student also involved in. You might have convenient studying schedule because of serious responsibility you’ve got now, but other duties still remain. The most important and decisive thing you have to work out before you start working on your dissertation – your schedule.

Follow your schedule. To make it isn’t enough, make yourself a promise you’ll follow your plan whatever happens. It will make you more disciplined first of all. This skill will be surely needed in future, believe.

Be sure about your topic. You have to feel confidence about the chosen subject, make sure you know all the aspects which might come while/before/after research. Because people may have questions as a result and you are to predict the majority of them and make the situation clear.

Your message. Decide what will be the main theme you’ll bring through all the composition. Make your message strong and fact reliable. Do not go too far from it while writing, because it’ll confuse you and can badly affect your working.

Ask for help. Feel free to ask for some help if you see things go wrong, or you don’t see them going at all. Some challenges we face not just ourselves, but with permissible support. It can be also useful because some professional writers or professors see this from their objective height to show you what you’ve lost.

Believe in yourself. It’s psychology. Your inside setting really matters. What you say to yourself, how you imagine the results, your attitude to this. Remember, it’s one of the greatest academic writings you will do, but it is not the most necessary task in your whole life. So be conscious, try to take  things as they are, as they need and worth to be taken!