Be specific: brilliant essay

In America they love the specifics in writing an essay, so that you give specific examples, do not “pour a lot of water.” You do not need to tell how you want to save the world, help hungry children in Africa, you want everything to be all right. These are very general words, and they are not interested in listening to anyone, and most likely 99% will not listen to it. Your task is to say some general proposal, for example, “I want to conquer the world” and then list specific methods, how will you do it: “I’ll finish the course at your university”; “I’ll take a job in this company”, and so on.

That is, everywhere you write, in the TOEFL essay or in another high school essay – everywhere you need a specific. It’s not interesting for anyone to listen to common words. It’s interesting for everyone to learn an example from your life, how you achieved it, to know your personal qualities, to hear examples of what you are talking about.

Do not write more than the required volume, write in a competent language. Do not necessarily write in academic language, you do not write a dissertation, it’s your letter. But write clearly, without any professional cuts, because sooner a person who will read your essay is not directly related to the area you are studying. This is a person from the administration, who is simply engaged in sifting and receiving students. Therefore, your task is to write clearly.

Essays on a given topic from the university

┬áSome universities require you to describe an approximate research topic – tell us what you will write about, if you have any experience in this field. For example, you already wrote a thesis on this topic, a similar topic. Or you conducted a study of a particular market – mention it. But do not go into the definitions, the methods that you use. Try to state all briefly. Give the admissions committee to understand that you have a specific goal in the study, that you have a specific plan and that you have some experience. Further it is your professor’s business: what will you write there, what methods to apply and so on. You can mention the research topic, but you do not need to go deeper. And again, if you use some professional terms – it’s better to replace them with less professional ones, so that a simple person would understand. Do not use abbreviations as usual: “Do not”, “Have not”.