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How to Write an Article

How to write a good article? This question worries  journalists and professional writers, as well as students who just want to train or simply try something new.

Of course, in order to make your  article interesting and qualitative, you need to disassemble well on the topic you’ve  chosen. In addition, you need to know a number of rules and requirements for writing article.

There are several basic principles, applying which the writing of the article will become a solid pleasure, and the result will be truly high-quality and worth the effort.

  • So, the first principle –

you have to determine who your reader is. They may  be students, businessmen, people interested in sports , healthy food, interesting and active leisure, and so on. Having defined the reader, it will be easier for you to find the right words. Remember that you should catch the attention of your readers from the first sentence!

  • The second is an interesting topic.

Of course, you have already identified your audience and their field of interest. However, your tasks do not end there. You need to concentrate and write the text  to intrigue the reader a little bit. This is not an essay, and here you do not need to briefly and clearly disclose all the information at once. The first task is an interesting, exciting text. And it’s more dependent on your talent. Try it! You can even describe a frying pan with a great and exciting words if you want to! The main thing is your desire.

  • Next – the article should be easy to read.

You do not need to overwrite your text with a lot of terms and definitions – write in your own words, it will be more enjoyable  for your readers. Even professors are tired of scientific overloaded texts. And besides, most of your readers are probably just as ordinary people as you , who wants to read something easy after a hard day. So help them with that. Also, sketch the text gradually. Teach the note in sequence and touch the previous topic or idea for the next – so you will keep the reader’s attention.