Select enough time for the preparation of the essay

The Jury members make their decision, first of all, on the basis of what is read in your essay. In our service you can also check the article about the correct structure of high college essay. Thus, how you describe your achievements and advantages is crucial. As experience shows, the qualitative preparation of the essay is not enough one weekend. Carefully read not only the name of the nomination, but also the description, as well as the mandatory questions of the Jury, a list of necessary evidence and facts. Think about what are the main advantages and achievements of your contact center, use only obvious strengths. In addition, keep in mind that it is not enough simply to paint colorfully about your achievements and strengths. If you do not provide clear evidence in the form of real and verifiable figures, graphs, charts, members of the Jury are not required to take your word for it. There is always a temptation to tell the Jury all that you have done in your entire career or even life, especially if it can seem like a fantastic success. But, experience shows, in the end, the Essay turns out to be very chaotic and does not answer the mandatory questions of the Jury or even the description of the nomination. Tell the Jury members only about the most valuable and significant achievements – in this case clearly, briefly and consistently. This may seem complicated, because You answer the mandatory questions of the Jury members, but if you try to tell the story of your success, starting with the sources, assumptions, reasons, moving to implementation, application and ending with the results, the results confirmed in the form of values, facts, diagrams and graphs. This sounds simple, but you will be surprised when you find out how many participants in the nomination program do not understand the questions asked each year, treat them freely or report information in the Essay that is not relevant to the chosen nomination. The simpler, the better. Try to state your arguments, facts and evidence clearly and clearly so that the Jury members are not from your environment could be convinced of your achievements. Involve in preparing essays for employees at various levels in your company. This will help to find the benefits and achievements that are hidden at first glance, and also add ideas and information that should be included in the Essay. In addition, the attracted members of your team will be able to look back and see more clearly the achievements that you have achieved. Maintain your arguments with facts and evidence, as this will help gain the confidence of the Jury members in your Essay. For example, instead of stating: “We have an excellent training program,” it is better to state the idea: “Our new training program contributed to an increase in the level of customer satisfaction by 20%, which is confirmed in this way …”. However, even though statistics are important, remember that customer service is connected with people – so try to mention your team as often as possible, as well as their opinions and testimonies. This seems obvious, but it is difficult to overestimate how important this is. I met members of the Jury who want to disqualify an excellent essay simply because it has 6 pages, instead of the required 5. Remember that neither the Jury nor the organizers are responsible for your violation of the technical requirements for the design of the essay. In some Essays there are a lot of grammatical or gross stylistic errors, it happens that the design does not allow you to read it – because of the small font or bad contrast of the background.